Is Vikram Lander Crashed??

All the world, and above all it were Indians who were waiting for history to be create din front of their eyes. The scheduled time of the sift landing of the Vikram Lander of the Chandrayan 2 was 1:53 AM in the night on 7 September 2019, everyone was awake but just above the 2.1 Kilometers from the moon surface, the contact with the Vikram Lander was lost from the ISRO Centre. It was very shocking for all Indians as we were hoping for something that no one has achieved yet. Vikram Lander was to be landed on south pole of the Moon where no one has sent any mission yet.

So what happened there?

IWhen asked about what happened there, ISRO scientists have said that they are not yet sure about the crash but they are analysing the data to know what happened there and it may take some time. After the launch it have been 47 days since Chandrayan 2 departure for the moon landing and just before the completion and the accomplishment it lost all contact with the earth centre.

Still it is an achievement for all Indians. Science is a matter of the risks and experiments. We are the one who have successfully sent Chandrayan -1 and Mangalyan. and we are the first country to complete Mars Orbitor Mission in the very first attempt.

The good news is this that the orbitor is still intact and we can only wish that by gid grace the contact can be restored and we can know what happened there in last. We are waiting eagerly for the complete coverage of what happened with the Vikram Lander.

Kudos to all ISRO scientist for making us believe that sky is not the limit, we can go beyond. We are eagerly waiting for the Gaganyan mission and by the outcome of the Chandrayan 2 mission, ISRO can workout on the complications and possible threats that may occur. Overall it is a success.

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