What are you waiting for?

Everyone has a goal and to get that goal they have a timeline. But, for the most of us, we keep procrastinating our goal for indefinite time. We have goal but we don’t have a proper plan to achieve that.

Without a perfect plan, nothing can be achieved.

Do you have a goal?

Ofcourse, everyone has a goal. Some goals are for long term and some are for short-term. Some goals are needed to achieve on daily basis, actually not a goal but these daily tasks are really important to get done everyday to make most out of your day.

But wait, after highschool some of us have a clear image of our future, only very few have a proper plan to achieve their goal, that’s why we see very few guys get success at a very young age. Examples are Ansar Shaikh(youngest IAS at age of 21), Ritesh Agarwal(youngest millionaire, founder of OYO rooms at age 22). They achieved something at a very young age. But most of us are still grinding what to do, how to do, we have frequent career swings. Some cases money and keep changing their job profile which may cost you in future. Some people start preparing for competitive exams but after some unsuccessful attempts they give up and try to get job in private sector, this is where some work needs to be done.
Poeple are not sure about their capability, they see someone getting success with someone’s plan then they blindly go after that plan thinking that they can also achieve that but when they not get success then it causes demotivation and depression.

Don’t follow blindly anyone, have your own plan. Keep a clear image of your future plans, divide it in short term goals and achieve it.

Let’s take an example,

One wants to be an IAS officer then this is a long term goal. This person must have a proper plan. How should he plan:(or this is his plan divided in short goals)

  • Get information about the recruitment process of IAS exams.
  • Check your eligibility for the exam.
  • Fill the form.
  • Start your preparation(get a Syllabus)
  • Get required books, make notes.
  • Revision.
  • Give the preliminary exam.
  • To give mains, you must clear the preliminary exam.
  • After clearing mains, clear the personality test.
  • You become IAS or IPS or IFS based on your rank in exam.

This is just a raw plan of a candidate who wanted to become IAS officer. Like this plan, you must have a plan to achieve your goal. Your plan should be clear about your goal.

Why not today?

Sometimes we keep procrastinating our goal, i.e.we think that we will do it on a later day. But later day you may have some other work, then when will you do that? That work will also get delayed. So start now. Start today.

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