Procrastination : A Silent Killer of Dreams and Will

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination as per Google:

So as far as you can see Procrastination is an act where people don’t do their work on time and put it off for another time or another day as they don’t want to do it. People keep avoiding the work for days which must be accomplished.


Why do we procrastinate? The answer is simple, you procrastinate because you don’t want to do it, you don’t have any will to do it. From smallest to bigger things, everyone procrastinates. A weaker will is the main cause of procrastination.

How it affects Life and Career?

You can’t even imagine how hard Procrastination hits your life and career. Lets see how it affects Life and career.

  • You had to do some work, but you did not do that and result is zero so the task is still not done and when you realise you feel bad and this results in demotivation. ReadBiggest cause of Demotivation
  • Now as you had to get admission but you procrastinated and the last date for admission is over and now you didn’t get admission in the college and it will lead you in compromising and you will have to get admission in some other College which may not be that good in quality of education.
  • Youth have dreams to achieve their goal, but they themselves say that they will do it another day. Which day are you saving for the start, life is short and you are getting late every second.
  • You keep procrastinating the reunion and in last there is no one left to reunite when you are willing as everyone is busy in their life which will make you sad.
  • You had to wash your clothes and iron but you don’t do it you plan it to do next day but in morning you get urgent call from someone and you have no time now, how will you manage?

Remember one thing, if you are not doing something right now which needs to be done now and keeping it to do another day then another day’s take will also get postponed and thus you will keep getting late. You will never be able to make it on time.

Procrastination will kill your will. You will be late in everything. You will get demotivated and it will be very hard for you to face the harsh reality of life. Life is a marathon and if you don’t keep the pace then you will fall behind. The race is not with others, the race is with you, but you are falling behind from yourself.

How to avoid Procrastination?

There is rule of 2 minute which you can follow, if you have any taks in front which you can do it 2 minutes, do it. This is simple thing which you can do and it will help you to avoid Procrastination.

Only two words of wisdom here

Avoid Procrastination.

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