Practice is the essence of Quality Survival

Once Lord Indra got upset with farmers and announced that there will be no rain for next 12 years and you all will not be able to produce any crops. Hearing this farmers begged for clemency from Lord Indra who then said that rain will happen when God Shiva plays his Damru. But he had already requested God Shiva to not play the Damru for next 12 years. Farmers reached God Shiva and requested to play the Damru which God Shiva denied and said he will play the Damru after 12 years only.

Farmers were disappointed and decided to wait for next 12 years. However there was one farmer who kept digging, treating and putting manure in soil and sowing seeds however no crop emerged. All farmers were making fun of him but he kept doing his work. 3 years passed and all farmers went to him and asked why are you wasting your time when you know that rain will not happen before 12 years. The farmer replied that I know that crop will not emerge, however I am doing it to be in practice. After 12 years I will forget the process how to grow crops and working in the field so I am doing practice so I will be able to do my work when it rains.

Hearing his arguments, Goddes Parvati praised his version in front of God Shiva and said you may also forget playing Damru after 12 years. Now Bhole Baba in an anxiety played the Damru and hearing the sound of Damru the rain happened and the farmer who kept doing his field activities was first to get the crops produced. Other farmers were disappointed as they were late in everything.

It is the practice which makes you perfect. We become old or even deceased as we do not practice enough.

Practice is the essence of the Quality Survival.

So let lockdown lifted after 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years, whatever trade or profession you are in keep sharpening your skills, practice with what you have, upgrade your knowledge. Don’t silently wait for the rain that is lifting of the lockdown and then start something. Focus on your skills today, upskills yourself today so that you are ready to face the new challenges.

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