Is lockdown getting extended?

It is sure that lockdown is getting extended as of now. It is 12 April today and there is 2 days left in 21 days lockdown announced on 24 March. However, the number of cases in India has crossed 8000 mark and death toll has crossed 200 mark, so the numbers are increasing and to avoid the community spread there is only one thing left with India is to extend the lockdown, it is only way India and Indians can avoid getting infected and to avoid Stage 3 of the virus spread. As of now India is continuously declining the claims of stage 3 spread and it seems true too as the rate of spread has been very low as compared to European countries and US. Yesterday, PM held conference with States CM over the same and as soon as the conference was over Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that PM has taken correct decision to extend the lockdown by 2 weeks till 30 April. Some states like Odisha, Punjab and Maharashtra have already extended the lockdown till 30 April and some states have sealed the hotspots regions in the states to avoid community spread.

As it is obvious now that lockdown is getting extended, fingers are crossed for official announcement by PM Narendra Modi. There can be an announcement of lock in instead of lockdown as people may be asked for living in complete quarantine and avoid getting outside completely. There can be advantages and disadvantages of this extended lockdown.


  1. It is easy to avoid getting infected.
  2. India will not enter Stage 3 aka community spread.
  3. There will be less burden on health sector if new cases don’t arise.
  4. It will lessen the chances of new cases and if people remain totally locked in then there will be no spread of disease.
  5. It will be easy to identify the infected one and the people they have met.
  6. Less air pollution, noise pollution etc.
  7. Lives will be saved, people will be safe, and the rate of infection will decline.
  8. As soon as the rate of infection goes down and the new cases will be declining, lockdown can be lifted, and lives will be on track.


The disadvantages list is long:

  1. The problems of people in quarantine will increase.
  2. The people living inside for last one month will face depression, anxiety, boredom, fatigue etc.
  3. The food problem will rise for the lower-class citizens, as till now the government has failed in providing full support to the lower class.
  4. The cases have rose and so did the death count, in coming days the numbers will rise and a new problem of ventilators, PPE etc will worsen.
  5. The internet is the sole support for people living inside and the rate of speed will be declining in coming days(maybe) as the usage is increasing.
  6. The companies are firing their staff and deducting the salaries, which will increase the unemployment.
  7. There are companies in which the production is completely shut down, so they will not be able to pay salaries which will raise a question on lives of the employees in those companies.
  8. The stocks in grocery stores will be ending soon and if the production does not start then there will be scarcity of the edibles.
  9. Those who does not have fixed salary, will be most affected and if government does not provide them with the Rashaan etc then a question of life and death will rise.

Whatever happens, stay inside stay safe, don’t go outside if not absolutely needed.

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