How to create personal Whatsapp Stickers?

This is a short guide on how to make your personal whatsapp stickers like

For making your personal whatsapp stickers you have to follow below mentioned steps.

1. You must have latest updated version of WhatsApp.

2. Now you need 2 necessary apps for making your chosen photo into stickers.

3. Download Personal Stickers for Whatsapp from here.

4. Now download Background Eraser from here.

5. Let’s start with creating your first sticker. Minimum 3 stickers are required to appear in whatsapp sticker section.

6. Give necessary permissions to apps to access your photos.

7. First remove the background from the photos in Background Eraser app.

Load your photo

Crop it

Start removing background

Use all tools like auto, magic and manual and make it clear. After doing this save your file. Do it with 3 files atleast.

8. Now open Personal Whatsapp Stickers, it will show you all PNG images

9. Now click on add, it will add your photos as stickers under the folder name mentioned above the stickers, I.e. in this case it is Eraser. Now open whatsapp and go to stickers section.

10. Send it to friends and amaze them.

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