How to be healthier and happier in life?

Being happy is dream for everyone, we all are doing our stuffs just to see ourselves happier, but we don’t realize that being happy and healthy is not a rocket science, we can be happy and healthy at same times just by doing usual activities in a disciplined manner. Yes, being healthy does require a discipline, even if you are working out, you must be disciplined with your schedule and diet-plan. Here, I am not going to guide you for a workout plan or diet plan, these are just simple steps which can be followed with some efforts and will give better results.

  • Sleep and Wake up on Time:

A cliched thought, but it does wonders. Just sleep on time and have a good sleep of 6-8 hours. Just go to bed by 10 or 11 PM so that you can wake up by 5 or 6 AM. Believe me, major cause of illness and lack of happiness does occur as we are late. There is absolutely no need to remain awake past midnight, you will not feel any good also it gives you a thought in subconscious mind that you are awake, so you must sleep till afternoon next day.

We get awake late and feel sad and bad at same time. If you wake up early and at least on time, you will have plenty of time to do everyday activity and in end you will not feel any rush or hastiness while reaching at your destination (be it office or college). You can study, work out, cook or spend time with family in this time, so wake up on time. You must leave bed by 6 AM in morning.

  • Eat in disciplined manner:

Eating is the basic factor in deciding your health, when you are sick, even doctor advises you to avoid some foods and recommends some other food items, so it has a great impact on your health and overall your happiness. Eating must be done in a disciplined manner.

  1. Make a diet chart and include everything like fruits, dry fruits, pulses, rice, chapatis, other dishes.
  2. Avoid fried and processed food.
  3. Avoid restaurant and dhaba’s food on a regular basis, it is okay for one or two time a month but eating regularly can harm you.
  4. Pack fruits, dry fruits while going out so that you can avoid your sensation of having quick snacks.
  5. Prefer home made food, and try to cook yourself, it’s fun, healthy as well as it gives you a great satisfaction and happiness, also it will make your family happy too.
  • Be on time and Never Procrastinate:

As you can see, that everyone around is always getting late. Seriously, I don’t get it. If it’s not a case of emergency, then how can you be late and on a regular basis. You can be on time, it can be for once or twice but on a regular basis, it is harmful, even for your career if you are getting late in office. Its very easy to be on time. If your destination is away, try to leave home 10-15 minutes earlier. See, your early waking up is helping you here as well. Being early by 10 minutes is always better than getting late by 2 minutes. If you are getting late by 1 minute today that doesn’t mean that you will catch up with your work in daytime, it only means that you are late, and you have lost that time unproductively.

Also, never procrastinate, if you have planned something then try to do it on time, procrastinating means you are avoiding something, and it can result in worse as something will remain undone which could have resulted in better outcomes, so kindly do not procrastinate.

  • Don’t Compare yourself to Anyone

Never do this. Period

  • Be productive

That simply means that don’t waste your time. If you are free, utilize your time. If you get your weekends off that doesn’t mean just sleep and waste your weekend by partying (although you can do that sometimes but not every weekend). Utilize your weekend, improve your skills, learn something new, give tuitions to neighbour kids and students, go and meet some distant relatives (Its best thing as of I know, but do inform in advance maybe their residence has changed). Even when you are in office, don’t think of other things then, just focus on your work and try to finish it by day end so that you can leave on time.

  • Manage your Money and Budget

You may have seen, that most of the employed persons start crying as the month approaches to end as they have spent all their money. So, in start of every month make a budget and stick to it. Yeah, I know that there can be an emergency, in that case, you can skip all rules, but in other scenarios, make a budget and stick to it. There is no need to spend on branded items every week, you don’t need to party every weekend, you don’t need to dine every night in a restaurant. Spent on necessary items only.

  • Future Planning

This is a thing where every teenage fails badly.  Most of us have no planning for our future, we are just sailing with the flow. NO, we must plan in advance and make a path to follow, otherwise it will lead to unhappiness as we may not have control over our life. So, take control of life in your hand.

Three major things that need planning

  • Education and Career

Most of the times, we follow our colleague or Sharmaji ka ladka, but it must be avoided. By 12th class, people do have understanding of what they want to do, so do plan you education as per your desired career profile. If you want to go for government exams, just focus on that, if you want to do corporate job, do some professional course. Do a course that provides you skill to get your desired job.

  • Savings and Investment

What investment, youth of today doesn’t know about savings, they believe in today and that is perfectly fine, but some savings and investment will help in your tomorrow which will eventually be your today, tomorrow. So, make a budget and give your savings a part there too. Fix your savings and don’t spent that part of your money. Also, learn about investment to make a good sum which you will be needing in future for your dreams.

  • Marriage, kids, Family

Most of the youngsters are in a relationship these days but there are very less chances that relationships end in a marriage. Also, you can avoid marriage but how long, eventually you will get married, so be ready for that. Also, plan your kids and family in advance and be in harmony with your spouse. Also, parents are getting old, they will need your support, so you must plan for them also.

  • Exercise & Be Disciplined

To keep your body healthy, exercise is a must. Start running, do yoga, pushups, pullups or if you can join a Gym then also its perfect but if you join a gym, then make a workout plan and also stick to it with full discipline. If you can’t join gym, then also doing yoga everyday will improve health.

  • Travel

Travelling is most beautiful thing you can do to be happy. Pack your bags, search for a destination and get set go. This is most beautiful activity to do. Travel and explore the world, it has so much to offer, feel the environment, enjoy the weather of the new city, hill stations or any famous temple site, just visit the place.

  • Always have Self Respect

The worst reason for being sad is people lets others down themselves. People don’t stand for themselves, get used, get cheated, get betrayed but still they try to get back the person who did bad to them, this is the biggest reason for unhappiness which can be avoided, but people keep their self-respect at stake for some people who will eventually do bad again with them. So, avoid those who don’t respect you and are there just to use you and take advantages, so avoid such people. Leave you ex who cheated or betrayed, there is again a betrayal is waiting so just go ahead in life and keep your self-respect intact and unaffected from those who don’t deserve you. Don’t be available for everyone always and whenever someone tries to make you down, get up and take your stand.

There are thousand reasons to be happy, if you involved in your life and have a purpose, there is no chance to be unhappy. Be healthier and happier in life!

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