Earthquake in NCR : Tremors Felt Across Delhi NCR

Today evening Delhi NCR felt Tremors around 4:30 PM across the region. Offices were vacated and alarm buzzed and every office worker was standstill outside the office watching vibration in hanging things. For a while everyone was confused whether it was a powerful wind but when they felt the floor and the ceiling are shaking then it was clear that its a tremor case.

As per ANI, the centre was 173 KM Northwest of Lahore in POK region. Indian meteorological department has also confirmed that an earthquake of Magnitude 6.3 on richter scale hit India Pakistan border region today in evening. Complete news is awaited also there ks no news of any loss.

As per different source the range of the magnitude of the earthquake ranges between 5.8 to 6.3 on richter scale.

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