Biggest Cause of Demotivation : Being Non Productive

What is the biggest cause of Demotivation? Why do people get demotivated?

The biggest cause or you can say one of the biggest cause of the Demotivation is being non productive.

People do get demotivated cause they are not able to do what they think of and guess what is stopping them to do their desired tasks, themselves. People do plan everyday that they have to do certain tasks but at the end of the day they realise that they were not able to do their to do list. This makes them sad and they feel demotivated.

Being free and not doing anything will lead you to demotivation. If you are productive and busy then you don’t have time to feel demotivated.

Plan your day and stick to the plan. Your day doesn’t start when you wake up, it starts when you go to bed. You should have a clear image of the tomorrow when you go to sleep today. Make a journal, make a to do list and do it. This is the only way to keep you engaged. If you want to achieve something then these things are not a big deal. Manage yourself in a good manner then only you can reach your goal. Be productive and it will lead you to being motivated.

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