Avengers Endgame Review

The much anticipated, much awaited, much hyped movie of the year, Avengers Endgame is released now and due to high demand some theatres are offering 24 hours showtime. Book your tickets now. The booking for Avengers Endgame broke all records as it became too hard for fans to book a single ticket for Friday show. All shows are housefull for 3D shows and even in 2D seats are not available.


The movie Avengers Infinity War ended on a cliffhanger as most of the Avengers died. Everyone have been anticipating their theories how the remaining Avengers will bring the gone ones back that’s why this movie became sensational hit and broke box office records on first day itself. More records will broke coming on as it is expected that this movie will earn more than 2 Billion dollors easily.


The movie starts where the infinity war ended. Tony stuck in space, other remaining Avengers planning how to bring the gone back. The movie shows how they plan and execute their plan and what role does the Quantum Realm plays as watching this movie will remind you of Days of Future Past

Overall the movie is great, acting superb and Tony Stark indeed was important as said by Dr Strange. You will love everything, watch it for the fandom, watch it for the captain. You will rejoice to watch how beautifully the 21 movies earlier than this have led the story to such an amazing climax. This movie acts as a climax to MCU(although there are movies in production).

Featured Image Source: Marvel Studios

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