Answer to Why did you leave your last job? by Shalin Gandhi

They forced me to work extra, everyday!

I believe in not to stretch work hours if you are giving your enough within your work hours, and I usually don’t extend my work hours more than half and hour.

I remember, It was 26th November, my Mom-Dad’s wedding anniversary. We had decided to have a dinner together, as that was the first time in last five years that I was at home on their anniversary. So having these plans, I mailed to my higher management that, “In any condition I can not stretch my work hours today, as our working time is 10:00 to 7:30, I will leave the office at 7:30.”, ofcourse if I am leaving the office on time, I need not to inform them at all, but I did. They didn’t reply me on mail but confirmed me verbally, I came to know their intentions at the same moment.

As I was aware about their intentions, I asked about any emergency work at 5:00 PM, they replied, “No, there is no emergency as of now”, I asked the same question at 6:00, 6:30 and 7:00, I got the same reply every time. So I decided to leave at 7:30, and the moment I packed my bag and turned off my PC, my lead called me and told me that I have to stop and work for extra two hours as it is an emergency, and I denied politely. He complained to the CTO, and CTO called me and the conversation went on like,

CTO : You have to stay here till 9–9:30, as it is an emergency.

Me : I can not, as I had informed in the morning that I can not stretch my work hours today.

CTO : Sorry! This is not acceptable, I am replying you on the same email and will reject your proposal.

Me : Sir, What is the time in your clock?

CTO : It’s 7:35!

Me : Sorry sir! As I have informed way early, I am not going to read any of your mails after 7:30, Have a happy deployment.

Later after this day, number of meetings went on with my lead, HR and CTO, and the final decision was, I have to write an apology letter for the same, and have to give an assurance that I will stay longer whenever my lead or CTO will ask me for the same.

I wrote a resignation mail then!

Answer to Why did you leave your last job? by Shalin Gandhi

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