About Me

Siddharth Gaurav Ravat

I am Siddharth Gaurav Ravat, officially known as Siddharth Ravat and in friends as Sid, Sidd, Siddhu, SGR or sometimes freak, psycho, idiot, genius, kid whatever they love to call me. With no direction in life i kept going and reached here(read nowhere). From childhood i have been writing(read crafting in mind) stories, poetry, lyrics. I started a blog earlier but due to negligence it went down. now i have started this blog and i have promised to me that i won’t let it go down. i will keep writing on random topics but if anyone of you want to suggest me (read criticize me) then you are welcome. Comment on the post or just mail me on my mail id webexperg@gmail.com, I will be happy to listen from you.

I like reading from anything to everything, i loved cricket but now i am not obsessed with it, i play Harmonium, keyboard, Dhol and a little bit(read no) Guitar.

You can find Siddharth Gaurav Ravat on all social media channels, just type full name Siddharth Gaurav Ravat in search bar, it will show you only 1 result because of my unique name.