A matter of concern

The number of cases are rising rapidly now in India and we are seeing that since the start of the May we are seeing almost 3000 and for now last 3-4 days more than 3000 cases everyday and that is official number i.e. the person found infected who is tested but we all know s large number of population is not tested.

So what can be a reason? India was among the very first Nations who imposed lockdown very early. But still when we are in Lockdown 3.0 the number of the cases are rising rapidly. This is a matter of concern.

One fact here is that the cases started rising rapidly since start of May, this could be due to the ease provided to the public after 20 April, it can be as more people started getting out after that. For last some days we are seeing that the frontline staff, medical staff and police/ force staff are getting infected too, how can we prevent that as they are in direct contact with public who can or cannot be infected. The vegetable vendors are being found infected and this is a matter of grave concern as the common men who are not going anywhere are in contact with these vegetable vendors for their food supply and this needs to be checked rapidly before it becomes uncontrollable.

The fact is that we cannot live in lockdown forever, we have to come out and start living life with coronavirus, we have to put a habit of living with coronavirus.

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