A 7-Step Plan To Building Habits : Productivity Hacks

1. Keep a track of your habits and routines, write down and analyse the same and check where you can improve and where you are doing good.

2. use Pareto Principle, commonly known as 80/20 rule, it says that your 20% work gives 80% of outcomes so prioritise that 20% of your work, rest 80% work can be done later or left.

3. Instead of noting down everything on mobile apps, use offline to do lists, it will be better for you to see your tasks in offline mode, as when you open your mobile you easily get distracted for other stuffs.

4. When you are working you should be focusing on that work only, leave your other distractions, leave your smartphone, leave other stuffs just focus on work and try to complete the work first then take break and do other unnecessary stuffs or less important things.

5. With first step you know your weaknesses, work on that and try to improve and do the right thing on first attempt, because correction rats up productive time.

6. Set a morning routine involving some me time, meditation, exercise and a planning for the day session.

7. Repeat the first step, track your work, revive it, and improve where you are lagging.

I hope you’ve found the 7-step plan above useful. If you have any other useful productivity habits, then share the same.

let me know in the comments below what you feel. Thanks for reading.

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