5 Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva

  1. Birth of Lord Shiva :-
  • Once Lord Brahma and Vishnu were debating who among them was the most powerful.
  • Suddenly, a tremendous pillar of light pierces through the universe and its roots and branches extended beyond earth and sky.
  • Brahma turns into a goose and Climbs the branches seeking its end. Vishnu at the same time turns into a wild boar and digs deep into the earth looking for an end to the roots of pillar
  • Both of them return after 5000 years without an end in sight . That is when they see Shiva rise from an opening in the pillar.
  • Accepting that he is most powerful, they make him the third power who rules the universe.

2. Blue Body of Lord Shiva :-

  • It is said that blue color of lord Shiva’s body was because of his consumption of the most fatal poison.
  • There was a war between God’s and demon’s which also churned out poison from the Ocean.
  • The poison was deadly enough to gallop the entire world as a result of lord Shiva drank and stored in his throat.
  • Which turns him blue, it was that powerful.

3. Lord Shiva Vehicle :-

  • The story behind Nandi, the vehicle of lord Shiva is lesser known by the people. It is believed that Surabhi, the mother of all cows gave birth to a large number of perfectly white cows.
  • These cows produced milk in very large quantities. As a result, this flooded kailash and disturbed meditating Shiva.
  • The raged lord opened his third eye and some of the cow turned brown and stopped giving milk.
  • To calm him down other gods gifted him a magnificent and powerful bull, Nandi.

4. Tryambaka Deva :-

  • Lord shiva is known to be the enlightened one. Tryambaka deva means the “Three eyed lord”.
  • Shiva has a third eye which opens only to kill or cause destruction.
  • Shiva is said to have burnt kama, the lord of desire to ashes with his third eye.

5. Height of Lord Shiva :-

  • It is believed that lord Shiva was really muscular and strong. His height was around seven feet approx and he wore minimal clothes made of the skin of dead animals.
  • He never killed animals to make his attire he used the skin of already dead animals and roamed the mount kailash in utmost glory and calmness at the same time.


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