30 January 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

1. RIDICULE (VERB): (उपहास करना): deride

Synonyms: mock, scorn

Antonyms: praise

Example Sentence:

She shouldn’t ridicule him for the aspirations which he had.

2. SLAPDASH (ADJECTIVE): (असावधान): careless

Synonyms: slipshod, lackadaisical

Antonyms: careful

Example Sentence:

She has a very slapdash approach to keeping accounts.

3. HAPHAZARD (ADJECTIVE): (बेतरतीब): random

Synonyms: unplanned unsystematic

Antonyms: systematic

Example Sentence:

The music business works in a haphazard fashion.

4. CHARY (ADJECTIVE): (सावधान): wary

Synonyms: cautious, circumspect

Antonyms: heedless

Example Sentence:

She had been chary of telling the truth.

5. HALCYON (ADJECTIVE): (शांत): serene

Synonyms: calm, pleasant

Antonyms: stormy

Example Sentence:

The halcyon days of the mid 1980s, when profits were soaring.

6. ABOLISH (VERB): (समाप्त करना): put an end to

Synonyms: do away with, get rid of

Antonyms: retain

Example Sentence:

The tax was abolished in 1977.

7 ABHORRENT (ADJECTIVE): (घृणित): detestable

Synonyms: detested, hateful

Antonyms: admirable

Example Sentence:

Racism is abhorrent to us all.

8. DESPERATE (ADJECTIVE): (निराश): despairing

Synonyms: hopeless, anguished

Antonyms: cheerful

Example Sentence:

A desperate sadness engulfed his son.

9. RELUCTANT (ADJECTIVE): (अनिच्छुक): unwilling

Synonyms: disinclined, unenthusiastic

Antonyms: willing

Example Sentence:

He is always reluctant in doing anything.

10. DISCARD (VERB): (ठुकराना): throw away

Synonyms: throw out, get rid of

Antonyms: keep

Example Sentence:

I bundled up the clothes I had discarded.

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