25 Learnings this lockdown

As we all are going through 21 days lockdown in India, we have experienced a totally different lifestyle, it is not like homestay during vacations, however it is more like those days when we (most of us who hail from rural India) were in summer vacations, just playing, watching serials on Doordarshan National, eating and sleeping and repeating the same cycle. However, it is not as same as it was those days as we have aged and became working class and now most of us are working from home. We have left our village, our hometown and came to bigger cities in search of employment and as this lockdown was impose many of us are stuck in cities unable to return. Days are passing by, as today is 10 April 2020(17 day of lockdown) we are hoping that this lockdown will end however with rising cases of the coronavirus it seems that government can extend the lockdown period, but fingers crossed, let us see what happens on 15 April.

Leave this, we all had a different time in this lockdown period and had so many learnings, I am listing these learnings:

  1. We can spend our time indoor with family.
  2. We can enjoy holidays without going abroad or without going to any mall, market etc.
  3. Life can be lived without any show-off, we know now that life is most important not the show-off.
  4. We can eat only home-made food, we can survive without junk-food.
  5. America (US) is no more a world leader, it asked for help from India.
  6. China can betray anyone, they have betrayed humanity, they concealed the news of this Virus for months.
  7. Indians have better immunity than others (not a fact but the number of cases compared it can be deduced).
  8. Any astrologer, priest cannot cure anyone.
  9. The real heroes of the society are the medical staff and government officials like police force, cleaners etc, the sports and film stars are just
  10. It’s the government that helps its people, private companies are on verge of cost cutting and are reducing their workforce, firing staff and cutting salaries, whereas government employees are free from this salary tension.
  11. Private companies are still making their staff work from home (however that is ok) and those who are unable to work, are being fired or their salaries is getting deducted.
  12. The nations must rethink about their health policies and budget as it is not up to the mark, leave aside some countries like South Korea, most of the countries have failed to control the pandemic.
  13. We have been wasting so much natural resources (like petrol, diesel etc) unnecessarily.
  14. The pollution can be controlled, and nature can heal if we stop unnecessary usage of the vehicles.
  15. First time in centuries the animals and birds are roaming freely and can believe that this earth belongs to them as well.
  16. The companies which refused blatantly that your work cannot be done from home have now asked their all employees to work from home even arranged workstations and internet connectivity for employees as well.
  17. A simple life can be lived with spending time with family.
  18. All things shown on media and WhatsApp is not a reality.
  19. Actors and sportspersons are entertainers only.
  20. Indian businesspersons do stand with India in such times, most of the rich person have donated to help India.
  21. The whole country does stands with solidarity in unity against this fight with our government and administration.
  22. Internet, electricity, smartphone, computers are not a luxury, but a necessity.
  23. Pseudo secularism does exist, and religion does matters in India.
  24. Government must relook into welfare of the lower middle class and daily wage earners.
  25. People got to understand what a basic hygiene is, how to sneeze, how to cough and how to avoid sneezing and coughing of others, this is biggest thing mankind may have learnt from this deadly pandemic.

Hopefully, the lockdown will be over, if not on 15 April then someday else, but that doesn’t mean we go back to our earlier routine, we must change our lifestyle now that must be in compliant with the mother nature. We can contribute effectively by

  • Stopping unnecessary travel and expenses.
  • Using public commute for longer travel and using cycle or own foot for shorter one.
  • Government must think of nationwide lockdown every year for a week or two, or 2 days lockdown every month.
  • Respect government officials and cooperate.
  • If you want to donate then donate in name of hospitals, schools and government funds and even in temples.
  • There is pseudo for every ism, like secularism, feminism etc, recognise and avoid it, see facts not fake news.
  • Avoid media in name of religious news, some are against Hindus, some against Muslims, so they show their views on it, don’t conclude anything on basis of anything.
  • Everything on internet and WhatsApp is not true, verify then act.
  • Contribute whatever you can, even a small contribution can make difference.

Still a long fight is to be fought, be strong and support.

Stay home, stay safe and keep others safe.

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