10 Must Watch Intellectual Movies

Here is a list of 10 movies which must be watched for some intellectual knowledge, entertainment and fun.

1. The Interstellar

One of the best movies made on space travels, time dilation and wormholes. It is a must watch for all fine lovers also it comes with directed by Christopher Nolan tag so can’t be left. Performances by lead actors are really good. Various science terms are explained creatively i.e. wormholes, singularity, time dilation.

2. The Martian

This is one of the most realistic or you can say accurate representation of some planet (Mars) and how a stranded astronaut survives that.

3.The Prestige

Every magic trick has 3 acts. A magician takes an ordinary thing and makes it extraordinary and you get no clue. This also happens when you watch this masterpiece by Christopher Nolan.

4. The Imitation Game

This movie is a must watch to see Benedict Cumberbatch in his fabulous form. How a man helped the allied forces in breaking enigma code during second world war is a must watch for all cine lovers.

5. The Man who knew Infinity

A biopic on math- magician Ramanujan. Dev Patel has played the role brilliantly.

6. A Beautiful Mind

The movie is based on life of John Nash who won Noble for economics. Watch it first.

7. Steve Jobs

Another biography in the list.

This movie is a biography of Steve Jobs. The story shows his ups and down, how he was thrown out of his own company and how he rose again.

8. Inception
This was a science fiction movie about lucid dreaming and a planned heist with Leonardo DiCaprio playing a professional thief who commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious mind of his target. Another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan.

9. Shutter Island
Whenever Martine Scorsese collabrates with Leonardo DiCaprio, then the movie becomes a master piece. This movie features Ben Kingslay, Leo and Mark Ruffalo and everyone gives a brilliant performance. The climax of the movie is very confusing.

10. Pre-destination

Is everything is predestined?

Watch this most confusing time travel movie which has a really good story.

One bonus movie:

The Theory of Everything

Another biography movie on one of the best scientist of recent times. A movie about Stephen Hawking, his life, his struggle and his brilliance.

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