10 Habits to improve Social Skills

Although we all are going through quarantine and following social distancing, having some social skills will always be helpful. This is not a way we will be living always so let’s brush up our skills how to be more social and have some skills that will help when you are around people. Here are 10 habits that will improve your social skills.

1. Listen to people around you carefully.

2. Be interested in other’s talk, don’t sound ignorant. The person you are having a conversation must feel that you are actively listening.

3. Always know your audience, like are you better on one to one conversation or one to more, know your limits and act accordingly.

4. Never sound negative, as most of us do not like negative people as we already have so much negativity in our lives.

5. Always remember people names, call by their name, it’s impressive.

6. Apart from knowing one’s name, you must also know about them, what they told you, what they are going through, do a little research and Keep memory stronger.

7. Never overdo anything, I mean talk too. Do not add unnecessary questions or opinions.

8. Keep a follow up, be in contact with each other and possibly then do what you are asked.

9. Always know when to leave, don’t stretch a conversation. Keep it short and worth time.

10. Respect is the ultimate skill of socialising. Always be respectful to others, their thought and opinions.

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